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April 2016 Minutes

January 2016 Minutes

April 17, 2015 Minutes

Idaho Student Journalism Bylaws

Amended October 1974, October 1977, and October 1978, April 1983, July 2010, March 2012

Article I


Section 1- Name The name of this organization shall be the Idaho Student Journalism Association

Article II


Section 1– Purpose  The purpose for which this organization was formed:

a)     To afford ISJA members the opportunity to develop cordial, professional relations.

b)    To facilitate exchanges of ideas among advisers and journalism teachers of the state.

c)     To make available to teachers teaching aids, helpful information about journalistic vocations, journalism study at the university level, and developments in the teaching of journalism.

d)    To provide awards to high school journalism students on either the state or national level.

e)     To promote and carry out conferences, workshops, information programs and activities in harmony with the above-stated purposes.

Article III


Section 1- Eligibility  Membership shall be open to all active or retired secondary or post secondary personnel who are or have been in the media-related fields.

Section 2 Membership Voting members shall be those eligible for memberships who have paid their annual dues.  Each member shall have one vote in any balloting.

a)     The organization may extend honorary membership to practicing journalists or others with an interest in journalism education upon majority approval of the membership.  Honorary members shall have no votes in balloting.

b)    Students are only eligible for ISJA sponsored scholarships and competitions if the voting advisor is a member.  This would include the state and national nominations for JOY.

Article IV

Board of Directors

Section 1- Enumeration and Terms of Offices  The Board of Directors of the Idaho Student Journalism Association shall consist of a Secretary, a Treasurer, a JEA State Director, a University Liason and any position designated by the board. The JEA State Director shall represent Idaho at the national convention; shall correspond with ISJA members concerning JEA resolutions and any other JEA matters; shall submit the annual report for Idaho to the JEA before April 1 each year, shall submit items concerning ISJA activities to the JEA publications and shall perform such other functions as may be necessary to the office or designated by the Board of Directors.

Section 2- Terms of Service The Board of Directors shall be comprised of members willing to serve a minimum of a 2-year term for the designated office.

Section 3- Nomination and Election  A nomination committee may be appointed by the Board at least one month prior to the annual meeting to present one or more candidates for each office.  Candidates may also be nominated from the floor at the election.  Those elected and appointed officers shall assume office at the board meeting following their election.

Section 4- Notification of Election  If applicable, members shall be notified of candidates slated for office by the Secretary of the annual general meeting at least one month prior to this meeting.

Section 5- Manner of Election  When applicable, elections shall be by secret ballot; however, when there is but one nominee for an office, that nominee will be appointed to that office.

Section 6-  Qualifications  No person shall be elected or appointed or shall continue to serve as an officer of this organization unless that person is a voting member of the ISJA.  No member shall hold more than one office at a time unless approved by the board.

Section 7- Power and Duties   The Board of Directors shall have full charge of the property and business of the association, with full power and authority to manage and conduct the same, subject to instructions of the general membership.  The Board of Directors shall create and designate such special committees as it may deem necessary.

Section 8-  Vacancies  A vacancy in the office of the University Liaison shall be filled by board appointment until next Liaison has been approved by the Board.  A vacancy in any other office of the Board of Directors shall be filled until the next election appointment by the Board.

Section 9- Removal from Office  Petitions with 50 percent of eligible voting membership may be submitted to the Board of Directors prior to a vote for removal. Removal of any officers shall be by a 50 percent plus one quorum of members present at a formal meeting called by the Board.

Article V

Duties of Officers

University Liaison:

·      Meet with Board of Directors to determine conference needs

·      Contact Universities/professionals to speak at convention

·      Make arrangements for keynote speaker

·      Introduce keynote

·      Set-up critique times and locations

·      Create programs

·      Coordinate conference schedule with speakers and keynote

·      Adviser’s/presenters/speaker’s badges

·      Coordinate and monitor AV equipment needs prior to conference and  at conferences

·      Create signage for contest rooms and presenter rooms

·      Arrange Board Membership luncheon


·      Attend board meetings

·      Set up Board meetings

·      Take notes at each meeting/give copy to each board members

·      Purchase gifts for luncheon/raffle/keynote speaker and presenters

·      Purchase plaques for Best-of-Show

·      Order/pick-up flowers

·      Update adviser name and information list

·      Check supplies/purchase as necessary

Contest Coordinator:

·      Attend board meetings

·      Write/revise all contests or head and monitor the contest committee to make sure all const work is done. This should be done before school begins in the fall

·      Revise contest guidelines/expectations as needed

·      Bring to fall conference sufficient copies of all student contests

·      Copy and bring to conference sufficient judging sheets/criteria/rosters

·      Help with on-site registration.

·      Assign moderators for contests/conduct meeting for them

·      See that materials for contest are placed in envelopes for moderators

·      Get supplies for photo, layout, etc.

·      Chaperones and moderators

·      Set-up/ make sure contests match contest registration form and website

Judging House Coordinator:

·      Set-up and run judging house

·      Contact colleges for judging pools

·      Awards


·      Attend board meetings

·      Overall financial decisions/distribution of funds made in consultation with the Board

·      Establish and maintain a checking account for the organization. Update signature cards

·      Keep and update financial records for the organization.

·      Pay organization’s bills/ keep a record of payments and funds received.

·      Require appropriate documentation: written bills, invoices or statements for all checks written.

·      Hotel reservations for Board of Directors, speakers and others as determined by the Board

·      Take travel reimbursement requests from board members at board meetings

·      Encourage/remind board often that bills need to be submitted and paid quickly.

·      Any variance should have the Board’s knowledge and endorsement.

·      Balance the checkbook with the bank statement.

·      Assist the other board members with setting and following an annual budget.

·      Best of show sponsors (Post Register, Bell Photography, BYU-Idaho, etc.)

·      Best of Show Awards

·      Handle registration for conference and contests

·      Prepare an annual written summary of UAA accounts for the Board showing where and how money was received/spent. This should become the guidelines for the next year’s budget.

·      Inventory and make equipment purchase after the Board’s approval; based on organization’s financial position.

·      Keep account under $10,000 (based on status instructions); otherwise, UAA will be required to register and file formal/ legal papers and IRS information.

·      Prepare for an audit before or during the annual state conference or at other times as directed by the current Board.

·      Renew ISJA membership with JEA each January

JEA State Rep:

·      Attend state and national conferences

·      Report national conference info to state members at annual meeting

·      Promote JOY (Journalist of the Year) to all state schools

·      Form and oversee JOY selection committee

JEA Liaison:

·      Attend board meetings

·      Ron Hayes Scholarships and associated essay contests

·      Logo competition

·      Set theme

·      Line-up someone to print student badges

·      Teacher of the Year nominations

·      Staff booth at registration

·      Adviser’s favors

·      JEA literature

·      Print certificates with help of other board members

Web Master:

·      Create and maintain ISJA website

·      Make sure all information on website is current and consistent with printed material

Article VI


Section 1- Annual Meeting  An annual meeting shall be held in conjunction with the annual conference.  A quorum for conducting business at the annual meeting shall be one-half of the members attending the conference.  Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting.  Business and voting shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order unless special rules are set up that take precedence.

Section 2-  Other Meetings  In March following the annual meeting the Board of Directors shall meet and the new officers shall assume their offices.  Any Board member shall call a meeting of the Board of Directors upon the written request of two of the directors, or a membership meeting upon written request of half of the voting members.  The Board may call a meeting of either the Board of Directors or the membership at any time.

Article VII

Financial Administration

Section 1- Fiscal Year  The fiscal year of the ISJA shall commence on the first of January each year.

Section 2- Dues  Annual dues shall be payable at the annual meeting to the Treasurer.  The amount of annual dues shall be established by the board prior to the annual meeting.  Any member who fails to pay dues within 30 days after they become payable shall be dropped from the membership rolls, and students of said members will not be eligible for contest awards and scholarships.

Section 3- Audit  The Treasurer is to prepare a financial statement for presentation at the annual meeting. Should a formal audit be required, the Board may hire or appoint a qualified outside auditor.  Any member may contact the Treasurer for a copy of the Treasurer’s report.

Section 4- Distributing Funds Upon Dissolution  In the event of a dissolution for any cause of the ISJA, all monies and securities which may at the time be owned or under the absolute control of the ISJA shall be divided equally among eligible voting members’ schools.

Article VIII


Section 1- Amendments  Amendments to those bylaws may be adopted at any annual meeting of the organization by a 50 % plus one vote of those voting members present.

Section 2-  Distributing Bylaws  Copies of these bylaws shall be available to each member of the organization from the elected Secretary.


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