‘Insta’ inspiration

13 examples from Instagram to help your social media team cover school events

Insta inspiration

By William Love, Sandpoint High School

Every couple of months I spend time viewing the Instagram accounts of professional sports teams and college athletic programs for inspiration. Instagram is thought of by many as a photo and video app, but if done right, it can provide meaningful information (news!) to followers beyond just images.

Sports information departments around the country often produce terrific Instagram posts that are visually striking and pack meaningful information for their followers. This should be a goal for any high school program with an Instagram account. Yes, include photos, but also consider incorporating Instagraphics.

A piece of advice that I learned is that you should not take a one-size-fits-all approach to creating art for social media. Consider the different dimensions for each social media platform and create something unique to fit each one.

With that in mind, Below are 13 Instagram posts from a recent inspiration hunt of sports accounts that I believe could be helpful for social media editors out there. While these are all from sports accounts, think about how they might apply to other activities in your school.

To help with the presentation, I organized the posts into three sections — Previews, Results and Bios.

1. PREVIEWS: The first five posts are examples of previews for upcoming events. Notice the different way each post is designed, but they still manage to inform followers of the future activity.

Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

Preview 4

Preview 5


2. RESULTS: The next four posts all highlight some type of result. In some cases the posts announce conference or national championships. In other posts, the viewer learns the outcome of a game or a series of team matches.

Results 1

Results 2

Results 3

Results 4


3. BIOS: The final four posts provide information on a person. A post can get pretty detailed like the first three, or they can be fairly simple like the post from the US Soccer Women’s National Team. Notice how they use the caption to enhance the information.

Bio 1

Bio 2

Bio 3

Bio 4