Gem State Quiz (May 13)

5 Idaho-specific questions that teachers can use for current events activities


By William Love, Sandpoint High School

As suspected, my students found when they were searching for the answers to last week’s Gem State Quiz. They seemed disappointed when they realized what they were looking for could not be found.

I tried to console the students, informing them their visit to the page would provide a solid analytics boost to the That nugget was met with blank stares. I’m sure someday they will understand my excitement about web analytics.

Anyway, thanks to the students that visited the site last week. Hello to the students visiting this week. And sorry, still no answers. If you are teacher that needs answers, send me an email at [email protected].

And with that, here is this week’s quiz.

  1. What Idaho legislator announced he would seek a fourth term to the US Senate this week?
  2. What Idaho school district did the ACLU of Idaho accuse of having a discriminatory dress code for its high school graduation.
  3. Approximately how many children in Idaho receive child support, according to a report released this week by the group Idaho Voices for Children?
  4. Identify one school that won a team title — boys or girls team in any classification — Idaho high school state golf tournaments held this week in North Idaho.
  5. Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced Tuesday that about 175,000 Idahoans will be eligible to seek refunds from what two telecommunications companies for an unauthorized charges practice known as “mobile cramming?”