Borah student interviews NFL player at Denver NHSJC

David Bruton, a Notre Dame graduate and professional Bronco football player, wants every kid to become a book "nerd"


From #nhsjc Twitter Feed

Denver Bronco player David Bruton spoke to students from the Journalism Education Association during their tour of the Bronco Stadium April 16.

Hana Krogness, Borah High School

Borah High School junior, Hana Krogness, toured the Bronco Stadium with other 2015 Spring JEA conference attendees, and received the opportunity to attend a press conference with a real NFL Bronco football player.  (At the write-off event for the Denver convention, a separate event, Krogness won an honorable mention in Sports Writing.) Here’s Krogness’s report about the press conference.

David Bruton, age 27, is a safety for the Denver Broncos and is one of the longest standing members. Bruton was born in Winchester, Ky. and went to Miamisburg High School in Ohio. He attended University of Norte Dame in Indiana in 2005 at the age of 18.

The 18-year-old Bruton also became a father in his first year of college. “My experiences at Notre Dame were a lot harder, because I had a kid during my freshmen year,” said Bruton, “And I was a pre-med major that first year, and juggling class load and football load was pretty much a full time job at Notre Dame.” His now 9-year old-son was a very influential part in his decision to pursue pro football over a pre-Med degree.

When Bruton played for Norte Dame, he became a starter his junior and senior years, which helped lead the team to win its first Bowl since 1993. He graduated from Notre Dame with a Bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology.

On Dec. 20, 2009, Bruton was drafted in the overall fourth round by the Denver Broncos. At this time, Bruton was also a substitute teacher at his old high school.

Bruton’s life has revolved around learning. This influenced him to start his own organization called Bruton’s Books.

“The immediate goal for Bruton’s Books is I want every kid for summer to have at least two to three books in the four to five schools we’ve chosen to support.” said Bruton. “I basically want every kid to be a nerd.”

Bruton may go into the teaching field after he is done playing for the Broncos. He said education is instrumental in the development of youth.