Media Network Idaho contest open to all journalism programs

Michelle Harmon


Michelle Harmon

Borah’s Editor in Chief and other staff members celebrate awards from Media Network Idaho.

Michelle Harmon, JEA State Director

More than 30 students from Idaho received awards in this year’s Media Network Idaho High School Communications Contest.  Awards were presented at a luncheon ceremony April 25 in Ketchum.

The on-line, annual contest is open to all Idaho students.  Contest categories include a variety of writing formats as well as photography, illustration, and layout.

Students who win first place in the competition are automatically entered into the national high school communications contest for the National Federation of Press Women.  National first place winners receive $100 prize money, and state first place winners receive $25.

For students who win a cash prize, I ask them, “How does it feel to get paid for your writing?”  Most of my students have never received money for their writing, and by the look of astonishment on their faces, it’s a big moment in their lives.

This is a wonderful state-level contest in which to participate and celebrate journalism in high school. For Borah, it’s the second year in a row the journalism program has been crowned the Sweepstakes Winner.

The video, prepared in, was also shared on Borah Senator’s facebook, twitter (@TheBorahSenator), and daily school video announcements.

About Media Network Idaho:  it is a non-profit affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women.  Organized in 1944 to defend the rights of women in the newsroom, MNI has evolved into a professional development group of professional communicators.  They provide education for members, host communications contests for members and for high schools, and participate in the First Amendment Network of NFPW, working to protect First Amendment Rights.