1-Minute tutorials

Design tricks to help your high school journalism program

William Love

Looking to up your graphics game, but don’t have much time?

Adobe’s Create Magazine has a collection of tutorials for a variety Adobe programs that check in around 1 minute. The Make it in a Minute series provides all kinds of tips and tricks that you or your students can use to improve their Adobe skills.

I’ve incorporated these short tutorials in my Journalism II class. The students are using ACA Test Prep to prepare for an industry exam in Photoshop. While these tutorials include some good information, they aren’t geared toward the journalism world.

The Make it in a Minute series, also called Make it Now on Adobe Creative Cloud’s YouTube channel, is not aiming for news designers either, but I’ve found the tutorials more transferable to what these students will make when they are part of a Journalism III class that produces content for a newspaper, website, social media and broadcast.

At 1 minute, the tutorials move quickly, but I prefer this to the alternative — tutorials with 1 minute’s worth of information but last 5 to 10 minutes.

There is the YouTube, but you can also find these tutorials on the Create website. For instance, this tutorial on how to make a neon effect includes an image the kids can use and written directions.