Summer Courses at University of Idaho may boost journalism credentials

Michelle Harmon, State Director

The University of Idaho will be offering three online courses this summer, which could help with accreditation/course requirements? For more information in general, contact Becky Tallent at [email protected]

JAMM 339 – Crime and Media. This is a concepts class which examines the impact media has on crime stories told through television and movies. This class is cross-listed with sociology and taught by UI sociology professor Kristine Mary Levin.

JAMM 341Mass Media Ethics. A six week course. Anyone who is interested should contact Steve Smith at [email protected]

JAMM 418Teaching High School Journalism. A four week course that will cover legal issues as well as best practices.

JAMM 404 – Multimedia Storytelling Abroad.  Travel to South America for a backpack journalism project telling stories using social media, cell phone video and other current tools. For more information on this course, contact Justin Barnes [email protected]