KTVB issues video contest for all Idaho Students


Michelle Harmon, State Director

Per an email from Dani Allsop, Digital Sales Coordinator, KTVB.com: “We’re reaching out to make sure your school is aware of this opportunity for all Idaho high school students. We’re excited to see what our creative students produce – and to feature the winning entry on television. The deadline for entry is March 11. Attached you will find a flyer that can be printed and posted around your school. We also have a 15-second video announcement that can be downloaded here https://ktvb.wistia.com/projects/7qzibyjsj7 and shared in school announcements, on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you might share video with students. If you have questions or need more information about the Just Drive Video Challenge, please call Melissa Stoner, KTVB Marketing Director, at (208) 321-5707.”