So you want to be a sports reporter …

Journalists from across the country provide tips for students who want to cover sports

William Love, Sandpoint High School

Some describe sportswriters as cranky, cynical and crazy. I know they can be. I worked as a sportswriter for three years, and I was all of these at one point.

But sportswriters can also be caring, considerate and cool. Some of my fondest memories as an adult are covering games and events with my colleagues.

So I was really excited by the response when I asked some sportswriters across the country what advice they would give to the students who are in my sports journalism class at Sandpoint High School.

Yes, cynicism finds its way into the responses. But all of the tips and advice in these tweets are backed by hundreds of years of reporting, thousands of games covered and millions of words written.

Thanks so much for all the sports journalists — and the one who isn’t a sports journalist — that responded!